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Östra Bio Raw

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The ever-ongoing quest to make our products even more sustainable was the spark that ignited the Östra Bio RAW Concept. Applying our plantbased materials in their raw form without any dye gives an undeniably honest and fundamentally natural appearance, beautifully contrasted by the striking and hi-performing BIOptic gold lens. We dare say that Östra Bio RAW is the most environmentally conscious snow goggle ever made and that without sacrificing any performance or functionality! In total 90% of the Östra Bio RAW is Bio-Based.

Östra Bio RAW is a fully featured top-of-the-line goggle built in plant-based materials comes with magnetic lens exchange system for quick and hassle-free switches on the go.

To prevent the optically precise BIOtic lens from shooting out of your frame we’ve added a lock function at the sides to firmly secure it, you can’t trust magnets alone!

Strap outriggers ensures a great fit with your helmet and an unsurpassed field of vision helps you spot that elusive landing during advanced spins or just to have full control of your surroundings during your ride.